Puteri Mahsuri - Adventure of a lifetime!

Youth - Schools & Individuals

Exciting and fun filled voyages for youths aged 14-25.

Archipelago Explorer, 4 days, 3 Nights
The Langkawi Archipelago comprises, some say, as many as 99 islands, built of white limestone and marble that rear up, from the Andaman Sea. These islands are rich in legends and wildlife, and are a perfect cruising ground to explore. Come aboard, and discover some of the secrets of these islands as you learn how to sail a tall ship- and perhaps you’ll even see starlight from inside a cave- remember, these are magical islands!

Pangkor Discovery, 6 days, 5 nights
Discover the magic of sailing during a 480km voyage from the legendary island of Langkawi, down the Melaka Straits to Pangkor Island, and back. While aboard ship, you will learn how to sail the tall ship, from ship safety, through ropes skills, sail setups (all 11 sails!) and navigation skills. You will also be able to climb the 34m mast, try our ‘Jump Ship’ and famous ‘Giant Swing’!
All these activities are in preparation for the moment when you and your crew take over the handling of the ship to take her back to port.

During both programs, there will be many opportunity to develop soft skills, focusing on leadership, teamwork, and communication skills, facilitated by our professional adventure-based instructors. In addition to that, participants will learn to build self‑confidence and develop their leadership potential, as well as to practice personal goal setting.

Upon completing the program, each sailor would have acquired new life skills from the experience on board while living in confined shared space with different personalities and cultures. To add to that, the shared living experience brings people together in a spirit of camaraderie seldom found in their normal lives.

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