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Ultimate Teambuilding Voyages

Our Corporate Voyages have been designed to instill and realign your corporate vision, mission and objectives, by promoting a lateral flow of information amongst all the participants, and by providing a unique platform for the development of healthy competition.

A tall ship environment is the perfect platform for challenging participants to step out of their comfort zones and discover their true potential. Participants will quickly realize their self-imposed limitations can and should be exceeded as they are provided with opportunities for self and group development, while simultaneously reconnecting with the world of nature around them.

Our facilitators will not only pose specific challenges on board the vessel, but also facilitate, while also providing a safe environment for the activities throughout the program. Periodic ‘review and revisit’ sessions will allow participants to process their experiences and share insights with fellow participants, then consider transference of these experiences and outcomes to the workplace and to their personal lives.

The Ultimate Teambuilding Voyage is a 3 days 2 nights program.
The program’s basic premise uses a voyage to represent the organization’s targets (e.g. budget planning, KPI, human capital development). As the voyage begins, participants will be given their own personal targets to be achieved by the end of the voyage. To achieve these targets, participants will embark on multiple projects and face a variety of challenges throughout the voyage. Each target and challenge has an attached value if the projects are completed.

We can also customize specific programs according to our client’s unique needs.

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