Puteri Mahsuri - Adventure of a lifetime!

Puteri Mahsuri

Our Sail Training Ship, Puteri Mahsuri is a traditional tall ship above decks yet possessing modern conveniences to ensure extra comfort and a relaxed atmosphere below. In her coastal voyages, all our participants, whether youth, family or corporate, are able to experience the tradition and practice of sailing while learning more about themselves.

Our tall ship operates with manually operated sails and ropes, which means we need  coordination and team work by our participants, an experience that begins the transformation of someone new to sea, into a true sailor.

Activities such as working the ship or standing watch provide tremendous opportunities for training in key aspects of group work, including leadership roles, group management, leadership styles, team work, and ‘acceptance’ of others. We can more easily absorb and benefit from these experiences when we are away from the confines of everyday life.
Our aim, on every voyage is to accept the individuals who come aboard, help them come together as a crew and become a team of ‘tall ship sailors’. We think you will leave us, walking a little taller, and with a roll to your gait!

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