Puteri Mahsuri - Adventure of a lifetime!

Here are some general questions that might help you further understand operations on the  tall ship and about the programs offered.
If you have further inquiries, please contact us.

Q: I would like to discuss with you some details regarding the programs on STS Puteri Mahsuri.
A: Please contact us via phone or email and we’ll make an appointment with you to discuss the program in detail. Click here for contact details.

Q: Do you only offer standard programs or are can you provide voyages of varying duration, and include specific activities on request?
A: We have standard programs for youths and corporate levels, but if you have a program of your own, do talk to us, and together, we’ll customize the
    program to your needs.

Q: Do I need any sailing experience?
A: You do not need any sailing experience. We have professional crew to guide you through the process of sailing a tall ship.

Q: What should I expect on board the ship?
A: You can download the ‘personal equipment list’ in PDF format here. On all our standard voyages, each participant is given a liter polycarbonate
    water bottle and an STS Puteri Mahsuri manual.

Q: What should I bring on board?
A: Download the ‘personal equipment list’ in PDF format here. Do note that for our standard program, each participant will receive a 1 liter polycarbonate  
    drinking water bottle and an STS Puteri Mahsuri manual.

Q: What should I wear on board the ship?
A: We recommend having a cap/hat, or a scarf, long trousers, long sleeves and closed toed shoes during activities to prevent sunburn, scratches and
    other injuries.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum number of participants to run a program?
A: 25 to 35 Up to 40 participants in a program.

Q: I am prone to sea sickness. Would it be suitable for me to sail on Puteri Mahsuri?
A: Puteri Mahsuri has a large hull, so in normal conditions she is very stable, thus lowering the chances of anyone experiencing sea sickness.
    Puteri Mahsuri always sails with well-qualified Wilderness First Responders on board who are trained to help you.

Q: Can you cater for specific diets such as halal, vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, food allergies etc ?
A: Yes: all the food on board is halal. Please contact us to discuss any specific dietary needs your group may have before the program begins.
    We will ensure our food meets your groups expectations.

Q: If I feel uncomfortable during the voyage, can I leave?
A: This depends on the program and the whereabouts of the ship.

Q: Is there mobile phone and Wi-Fi service on board?
A: If we are close to shore, there might be mobile phone service. There is no Wi-Fi service on board.

Q: I am not a good swimmer. Is it safe for me to go?
A: Yes it is. All participants working close to the gunwale (raised edge of ship sides) will be secured. If there are water activities, it is compulsory
     for participants to wear a ‘personal floatation device’. All crew /staff on board are trained in water rescue, and the ship is equipped with multiple
     lifesaving equipment.

Q: Do you serve alcohol on board?
A: There is no alcohol served on board. Participants are not permitted to bring their own either.

Q: Who is in charge on the ship?
A: The captain is the ultimate authority and safety figure.

Q: Who are our instructors?
A: Wilderness Malaysia is team of professional outdoor instructors from the Wilderness Center Sdn. Bhd. which was established in 2002 to provide quality
    outdoor education programs to participants from all over Malaysia and the region. As one of the biggest Outdoor Education providers, we continue to    
    provide both challenging and meaningful experience in an outdoor environment. For more info on Wilderness Malaysia, visit www.wildernessmalaysia.com .

Q: I am afraid of heights, do I have to climb up the mast?
A: We practice ‘Challenge by Choice’ principles. Everyone is encouraged to participate in all our activities, but you always have the right to not participate,
    if you choose not to.

Q: Do you provide programs for the disabled?
A: Please do contact us to discuss the type of disability your group faces and the aims of your intended voyage. We’ll do our best to develop a suitable
    program without compromising the groups safety.

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