Puteri Mahsuri - Adventure of a lifetime!

Your Ultimate Family Holiday

Our lives are so busy, filled with the demands of career, the hectic schedule of your kid’s activities and by the ability of today’s technology to find you wherever you may be.

Where can we recharge our own personal batteries and simultaneously grow closer to our family?

Spend some time aboard the Tall Ship Puteri Mahsuri with your family; experience traditional values and plenty of fresh air; work together with your own family as a team, and combine with others to set the sails or even walk the plank! In the evenings, enjoy a slower pace of life; come sail with us and watch the moon and stars.

We believe our family voyages are unique. They will bring you and like-minded folks together to share some truly special experiences. At the end of your voyage, you will take home a big smile, a rich store of memories and a fresh way of looking at life.  

If solitude and a relaxing environment to forge bonds with one another is what you need, do let us know. Like the oceans, the possibilities are endless.

“Success means different things in different parts of my life, but overall if I have to define ultimately what success means, the bottom line then for me,
it’s if the family is healthy and happy.”
Dr. Phil


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